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About Jonah

After graduating with a bachelor of arts in jazz guitar performance from the New England Conservatory of Music, I moved to Nashville and found my way to piano technology. 

Joining the Piano Technicians Guild in 2010, I passed the necessary tests to become certified as a Registered Piano Technician in 2014. Since then, I've been a full time piano tech, honing and refining my skills, adding experience and value to my work.

Why Choose Jonah's Piano Service?

Quality is the first thing you should know about my service.


Anyone can tune a piano, but it takes a sensitive, musical ear to ensure that a tuning is accurate and long-lasting. The same is true for other technical aspects of a piano. Improvements can be made to the mechanics to help build tone and allow for greater technical and dynamic control of the instrument.  


I am fully qualified and will take the time to understand and meet your needs. Bookings are typically done a week or two in advance, depending on the season, and I will respond to phone calls, texts and emails within a business day. 


Hope to meet your piano soon!

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